While the memories of the long hot summer days fade, it's time to create new ones full of vibrant colors and atmosphere. 


 Of course fall is known for the beautiful colors of the leaves, but there is much more to it. Fall is the time during the harvest, sunflower fields, vineyards, and many other crops, that create a unique color and landscape. 

Why fall is the best time for senior photos

The days are getting shorter, which, actually creates a good thing for photos. The shorter days create a longer blue and golden hour. This gives much more time to capture the perfect sun lighting while being able to relax and get more great shots. Also, with the cooler air, the skies are clearer, meaning a beautiful sunset is more common. 

While the days getting shorter is sad for us, it works very well for photos. Sunrise is later and sunset is earlier. Anyone that wants a sunrise photo session would have to be up at 4 am in the summer, while the fall time is much later. The sunset is much earlier, so there doesn’t have to be a lot of waiting around for the sunset to begin. 


Shorter Days

Vibrant Colors

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